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* Please contact me while you are still pregnant so I can pencil in your due date, though I have certainly been known to completely rearrange my schedule to fit in a last minute newborn session.

The Newborn Session:

WHO: A tiny newborn, the parents, and siblings, if there are any.

WHAT: Newborn sessions are my passion. My goal with each one is to capture the newness of your baby and your new family. I want you to be able to remember those tiny toes and peeling skin, the perfectly round cheeks and delicate eyelashes, maybe it’s a shock of dark hair or maybe it’s the soft, barely visible fuzz on the top of their heads. Each baby is a unique little person and they grow and change so fast that those first few fleeting days can get away from you in a flash.

WHEN: Ideally the newborn session take place before the baby is 10 days old….right around 7 days is just about perfect. At this age, they generally sleep more easily and more soundly. This is important because these tiny people aren’t necessarily great at eye contact or focus and they have a tendency to flail their arms around while they are awake…all challenging qualities to photograph beautifully. Also baby acne has yet to rear its head and they still have their soft baby hair and that peeling skin that I find so endearing. As daunting as photos might seem this soon after birth, it is absolutely worth it to capture the newness of your little one and I promise it will be easy.

WHERE: I have a little studio in my home that is perfect for newborn shoots. We can get it nice and toasty, I’ve got all my little props handy, and there is a nice, big, comfy couch for you to snooze on while I snuggle the baby.


1. Your baby will probably poop or pee or spit up on me or you or a blanket. It’s no big deal. It happens all the time and is the reason I travel with an extra shirt.

2. The trick to a successful session with a newborn…time, patience, a full belly, some white noise and a warm room.

3. There is never a rush. We can stop for as many snack breaks or diaper changes as we need.

4. Newborns are best photographed in nothing, or next to nothing. (see item #1) If we are keeping the diaper on, the plainer, the better.

5. Feel free to bring (or have out) any favorite newborn hats or special blankets. These can add the perfect pop of color and a ton of personality.

6. I encourage both parents to be in some of the shots, so be prepared. This is an important time to remember…and you probably won’t because you’ll be too sleep deprived! Parents in plain black tops can provide a simple backdrop when needed and can really help focus the shot on the baby and parent bond.

7. Please contact me while you are still pregnant so I can pencil in your due date, though I have certainly been known to completely rearrange my schedule to fit in a newborn session.

8. Sometime during the week following your session there will be a sneak peek for you of some of my favorites images posted on the blog and on Facebook.

9. About 2 weeks after that, you will receive a link and password to your online slideshow and gallery. At that point we will schedule a time to help you with designing wall displays or the debating “framed prints vs. canvas” and go over all the other fabulous things you can do with your images.

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