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About Me

My name is Judith Fernstrom and I love taking pictures. It all started at 6 years old when I recieved my first camera as a Christmas gift (thank you Santa!) . Enthralled by the idea of capturing memories, I took lots of pictures of my friends and family doing their everyday things. As I grew, my cameras increased in technical agility and my subjects changed from friends to boyfriends to flowers to scenery. Then, with the arrival of my nephews, I discovered the joy of photographing children. When my son was born I began to realize just how quickly babies grow and change. I also realized that my sleep deprived memory was not quite up to the task of preserving his every little quirk and smile. I began to clock some serious camera time with him, and through much trial and error, not to mention manual reading and education, I began to capture those oh so precious, fleeting moments. With the arrival of each additional baby at our house, my desire to capture their unique personalities style="font-size: large;"grew into something of an obsession.

Over the past nine years I have up-graded my equipment and techniques, but my goal has stayed the same....capture each child's individual personality. I am so excited to be able to do what I love. I look forward to helping you capture all the special somethings that you love about your little one.

I currently live in Issaquah, WA with my wonderful, supportive husband and my three favorite photo subjects...pictured here.

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